1 /rI'li:s/ verb (T)
1 LET SB FREE to let someone go free: The hostages were released in November 1988. | release sb from: They decided to release the bird from its cage.
2 STOP HOLDING to stop holding something that you have been holding tightly or carefully: The man finally released her arm. | release your grasp/grip/hold (on): The noise made him release his grasp.
3 MAKE PUBLIC to let news or official information be known and printed: The new trade figures have just been released.
4 MACHINERY to allow part of a piece of machinery or equipment to move from the position in which it is fixed: Don't forget to release the handbrake.
5 FEELINGS to express or get rid of feelings such as anger or worry: Physical exercise is a good way of releasing tension.
6 FILM/RECORD to make a record or film available for people to buy or see
7 CHEMICAL to let a substance flow out: Adrenalin is released in moments of danger.
8 FROM A DUTY to allow someone not to do their duty or work: release sb from: She was released from her teaching duties to attend the funeral.
9 WEAPON to make a weapon fly or fall: The missiles were released from a height of four thousand metres.
2 noun
1 FROM PRISON (singular, uncountable) the act of allowing someone to go free or being allowed to go free: She went to the Governor to beg for her son's release.
(+ from): Simon has obtained early release from prison.
a) freedom to show or express your feelings: Music has always provided me with a form of emotional release.
b) a feeling that you are free from the worry or pain that you have been suffering: that wonderful feeling of release when the examinations are over
4 RECORD/FILM (C) a new record or film: the band's latest release
5 on (general) release if a film, record etc is on release it has recently become possible to see or buy it
6 OFFICIAL STATEMENT (C) an official statement that is made available to be printed or broadcast
—see also: press release
7 CHEMICALS (U) the act of letting a chemical, gas etc flow out of its usual container: the slow release of toxic waste into the rivers
8 MAKING STH AVAILABLE (U) the act of making something available: October 22nd is the date set for the report's release.
9 ON A MACHINE (C) a handle, button etc that can be pressed to allow part of a machine to move

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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